Perfect Dresses for Fall

Fall is notorious for sweaters, boots, and leggings, but that doesn’t mean your closet has to be limited to such styles. If you are a dress lover (I know I am) you will love these adorable pieces!


This adorable floral dress from Forever 21 is only $19.80! It’s perfect for pairing with lace tights and black boots for an easy and elegant fall look. Throw a black pea coat over it on a cooler day, and have an instantly chic ensemble!


This adorable black dress is from Nordstrom. It is perfect for evening parties, and it can be worn into the winter months! Pair it with a pair of velvet fuchsia heels for a girly and fun look. This dress is currently $98.00


This adorable dress is available at H&M for only $34.95! It is the perfect combination of comfy and cute! It even has pockets!!! The grey color is perfect to pair with any bright colored double breasted coat and black booties.

Which is your personal favorite? Tell us in the comments!


Back to School Style

EEK! School starts in less than a month for many of you. You already have enough things to be stressed out about, so we have you covered on what to wear. Let’s start with the basics. Everybody loves a good pair of jeans! The trick is, finding what wash of jeans to wear. For a more casual look, you can go for a pair of light wash jeans, they give off a very laid back vibe. We think that a cute pair of light wash skinny jeans would go great with a t-shirt and some vans or converse. For a more put together look, opt for a pair of dark wash jeans. You could wear them with a button down shirt and rider’s boots for a cute fall look. 


What’s cuter than a simple casual dress. Dresses are perfect for the beginning of fall, because they will keep you cool, yet cute! For a effortless look try a skater dress and converse. For an edgy look, throw a leather jacket over a cute a-line dress, with combat boots. For a cozy fall look, pair a little black dress with an unbuttoned button up sweater and cute brown boots.  


Shoes can make or brake any outfit, so when choosing some for school, be careful, but express yourself. Some cute staples are vans, converse, black flats, and boots boots boots! During the fall, we all love our boots. Some of our favorites include combat boots, riders boots, and cowboy booties. If you spend time thinking about your footwear, your whole look will improve, we promise. Quick tip: DON’T WEAR HEELS TO SCHOOL!!! Do you really want to walk around the whole day in those? Don’t risk tripping and falling on your face, save the Jimmy Choo’s for your nights out, wear shoes that offer some comfort. 


Sweaters are a cute and comfy top for the fall. You could pair any sweater with your favorite pair of black leggings, and some cute boots! You will be comfy and cozy all day, not to mention, you will look adorable!


What do you wear to those chilly Friday night football games? Cute jackets, duh! A black leather jacket can go with almost anything, and it adds instant sass! To keep warm while in a cute dress, grab your favorite denim jacket. 

img-thing (1)

That’s it for today! Tell us what your go-to fall look is in the comment section!

Mediterranean Prints from Chanel’s Resort 2015 Collection

Check out these cool prints featured in Chanel’s resort 2015 collection! These colorful and exotic designs make Chanel’s collection one of my favorites from all of the resort 2015 collections. The designs feature many variations of these Mediterranean patterns, each one with it’s own unique flare. We think these designs are fab, what is your take? Tell us in the comment section. 

chanel2 chanel3 chanel4

Funky Jewelry by Betsy Johnson

These items are just strange. We want to hate them, but the truth is, they are kind of cool. The pieces are from designer Betsy Johnson, and they are definitely statement items. We aren’t sure what we think about them, so how about you tell us your opinion. Tell us if you think that these pieces are fab, or….eww!(leave your comment in the comment section) SHELL-SHOCKED-TURTLE-PENDANT_MULTIFEELING-CRABBY-CRAB-STRETCH-BRACELET_BLUE

Colorful Hair: Hot or Not

Colorful hair is a fast growing trend among teens. We know it is popular, but is it hot? We assessed the question, and colorful hair can be hot when it is done right, but be careful, because it is easy to go terribly wrong!


 If you are considering dying your hair an unnatural color, you need to find out what colors would look okay with your skin tone. For instance, if you have very pink skin, don’t go for pink hair….unless your goal is to look like cotton candy! Also, asses how the color would look with the rest of your wardrobe. Don’t dye your hair green if you wear red a lot! (I wouldn’t recommend going green at all….it isn’t easy being green). 


You might want to give the color a little test drive before you commit to it. Dye a small piece of your hair the desired color, so you can better asses how you like it.  It is hard to choose a good hair color when your only reference is a picture on a bottle. 

Overall, we think that if you are very careful, this trend can be very hot. But if you end up with faded pea green hair…..maybe not.